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There are certain things that you just shouldn’t do if you are looking to sell your home quickly. Stay away from them and your chances of success should be increased! 

  1. Make sure to post as many pictures as possible online that showcase your home and make all the features stand out.  This is one area in which I like to splurge and hire a professional photographer.  When viewed online, there is a dramatic difference between professional and amateur photos.  Somewhere around 90% of all buyers start their home search online. Doesn’t it make sense to make your house stand out as much as possible to attract their attention? 
  2. No curb appeal is a big turnoff to buyers.  This is the first impression a buyer has of your home, so you want it to be a lasting
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Buying a property with the hopes of a quick resale and a pocketful of profits sounds great, but it isn’t quite as easy to execute.  Here are some common mistakes to avoid:

  1. Not having enough money to start with.  Acquiring a property can be very expensive.  If you are getting a mortgage, you will have to pay interest every month.  Even if you pay cash there are several holding costs like taxes, insurance, HOA fees, utilities and landscaping.  Not to mention the costs you’ll incur by improving and remodeling the home.  The key is to sell the home and pay back all the acquisition costs, holding costs, and remodeling costs - and have money left over for your profit.  Even after you’ve made it that far, Uncle Sam will take his fair share for capital
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Buying a house is often the biggest purchase a person will make in their lifetime.  Don’t overlook the home inspection process.  There is a cost to it, but it is money well spent.  Prices will range from a couple hundred dollars into the thousands depending on the scope and size of the home.  Hiring an inspector to give you a thorough breakdown of all the current and potential issues can give you peace of mind before buying.


Depending on the contract used to purchase the home it will typically provide for time during the inspection period where the buyer should have options to either cancel the sale, get the seller to fix the issues, or get a credit for the repairs needed.  It’s best to work with your Realtor on how to structure your deal and

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Feng Shui has been around for 2,000+ years because it works.  You'd be surprised how many companies use it, for example Marriot and McDonalds utilize it because it keeps their businesses thriving.  What is it? In simple terms, it is taking unseen energies that are present all around us and balancing them with physical things (furniture, art, colors on the wall) to create a harmonious environment in your home. In Real Estate, this tends to almost magically and quickly attract the right buyer.

I usually try to incorporate some of the principles of Feng Shui when I list a property for sale.  I’ll share some basic tips to help you bring up the “chi” in your property to get it sold!


  1. First impressions are everything – Clean or paint your front
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If you’re looking to sell your home, there are a few things you can do to hopefully get it sold faster - and with any luck, for more money than the one next door!


  1. Remove your pets, pet food, and pet cages.  Although you love your pet, buyers may not.  Also pet food and litter boxes can make for unpleasant odors.  It’s best to put these things in the garage, if possible, and take your pet out for a walk while the showing is taking place.  You want a buyer to be comfortable in your home and stay for as long as possible. 
  2. Clean all the windows, screens, and tracts.  This is often overlooked, but cleaning windows can make a huge difference.  Accentuating the view and allowing for more light to come through are great things and buyers love that. 
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Most realtors want to price a home to sell, while most sellers tend to think it’s worth more.  That’s the age-old dilemma that has plagued real estate.  The simple fact is that overpricing a home will usually cause the property to sit on the market and nothing happens.  The showings it will receive will tend to be from buyers who want to look at it and say, “Look at this one! I can get the one down the road for ‘x’ amount less - that’s the one I’ll buy.”

Buyers don’t even want to make an offer on something that’s overpriced.  It’s perceived as a waste of time.  Why make an offer when the seller seems unreasonable because it’s priced in the stratosphere?  On the other hand, you’ll hear the seller saying, “Just give me an offer. All I want is an offer so

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There are a lot of emotions involved when selling a home. It can be easy for negotiations to take a quick turn for the worse and things to get heated between buyers and sellers. During your selling process, it’s advisable to hire a Realtor with proven success at handling negotiations. This can make all the difference for you! Here are some things to keep in mind for a peaceful transaction:


  1. Never negotiate directly with the buyers or sellers. This can create a lot of issues, mainly because it can become very emotional on either side of the table.  When that happens, people can get turned off by one little comment and it can bring the deal to
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You have a potential buyer for your home?  Now it’s time to negotiate the highest sales price you can get!  At the end of the day, all those dollars add up.  Here are some tips to help you keep as much in your pocket as possible:


  1. A common tactic buyers use is saying that they have interest in a couple other properties and if it doesn’t work out with their offer, then they will move on to the next property.  Don’t buy into this too much.  Yes, it might be true, but the fact is: why are they taking the time to offer on your property?  It’s probably on the top on their list.  As long as you have some flexibility, you should be able to keep them in negotiations.
  2. It’s usually a safe bet to go in with a firm number after a few go-a-rounds.  This
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Selling your house is a big decision.  It might be tempting to hire the first word of mouth recommendation you receive, but it will pay off for you to do some research.  After all, your real estate agent will set the sale price for your home, market your home, show it to potential buyers, and walk you through the entire sales process.  Speaking to friends and neighbors is a great way to get solid recommendations, but be sure to ask some of these questions below no matter who you interview.


  1. What is your experience and education?  A new agent might have a ton of time and be eager to get the house sold.  A seasoned agent will know how to guide you through the process from start to finish and handle unexpected issues as they may arise.

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We live in a world of “Flip this House” and several other TV shows that make it look very easy to make a quick buck by buying a low-priced house, rehabbing it, and selling it. But we know that’s not usually the case.  As a matter of fact, these shows really don’t teach much in terms of skills or how to do it.  The question is; does it make sense to attempt a “update and resell” and if so, how do you do it successfully? Here are some tips:


  1. Make your money when you buy, not when you sell.  A good rule of thumb is to factor in your acquisition costs, carrying costs, and rehab costs, planning on at least 3 months until you can sell (figure worst case scenarios to be safe).  Whatever that number is, you should shoot for a minimum of a 20% return. 
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